how to open a gateway laptop

Plus in the BIOS it doesn’t say there is a hard drive either?? Do you just pull? The person who put this together knows how to write a procedure. the jack in the laptop seems to be fine. I have no idea where to go from here. There’s a remote chance the problem is malware having gotten into her computer. On the front panel when it is charging should both the blue & amber lights be lit up (when the unit is off)? The power connector is broken and has to be replaced. Take a look at this user’s guide for Gateway Gateway MX7118 Notebook. What order do they go back in on the board? Find and click the Tablet PC Settings option. The keyboard connector has two pieces – the white base and the brown (black) locking tab. Im stuck at the display cable connected to motherboard does it pull up out of motherboard or out towards touchpad i cant see its covered in black tape help!! It’s handy to have a backup battery anyway, and if it turns out you need to replace her laptop, you can still recoup most of the cost of the second battery via eBay if it turns out the battery wasn’t the (or the whole) problem. To be accurate, I’m fixing a Gateway NV53 (NV5302u). Remove the fan cover, turn on the laptop and keep looking at the fan. Would it be best for me just to buy a new motherboard since I am trying to stay easy on the pockets. First I … @ Bob, Yes, you have to disassemble the laptop to get to to the Ethernet connector No, you don’t have to replace the whole motherboard. If the laptop doesn’t turn on, probably it’s ether bad DC jack repair or failed motherboard. What is your laptop model (not MA3, another one. Gateway Notebook Models Gateway M360, M365, and 6000 Series Hardware Guide. I’m gambling slightly that the component was non-essential and, from the operation of the unit, hat seems to be the case. Cannot enter BIOS - posted in Internal Hardware: I cant seem to enter the BIOS on my laptop. If not, you’ll have to take it to the repair shop. After about 10 minutes of the laptop being on and sitting at the log in screen the left corner and trackpad area became incredibly hot to the point holding your finger on the area for a second was impossible. In this guide I explain how to disassemble a Gateway MX (Model #MA2A) series laptop. It’s not necessary to remove the wireless card for the purpose of my guide. It’s killing me to know what that wire was for! You can also subscribe without commenting. I plugged it back in to check and it still did not show a charge light. (I suspect they used acid-core solder). I have this laptop and I was told by the laptop place where I took it that I need a new motherboard. I believe this is the speaker cable. Motherboards due come with all the ports for wireless cards, hardrive, ram and such right? I am trying to repair my gatway solo 5030. works fine except for the colors. @ Liss, I doubt you can buy this part separately. Blah, blah, blah…. I would like to say, this was great instructions and I was able to fix my laptop. Gateway Laptop v5wt2/z5wt1/z5wt3. Disconnect the USB board cable from the motherboard (top arrow). If you are replacing the keyboard, you simply remove one green screw in the step 1 and two green screws in the step 5 and then proceed to steps 7,8,9,10. Replaced the jack and computer still will not power up. Forgetting the password of your laptop will always be an uninteresting moment because without the correct password you will not even be able to access your PC and therefore all data and documents from your computer will be inaccessible. I note that they could have used less solder on the connections, and there is barely enough gap between them. It means you can install up to 2GB memory module into each slot.You should use DDR2 800MHz, PC2-6400 SODIMM modules. The charge light goes on and off when the lcd is open and the backlight dims with charging on and off at this time it gets realy hot. There is a connector in the mail to my house from ebay for about $10 (including shipping). You can see them in the step 5. Hello, It seems like you know exactly what you are doing. This could be enough to get a strong signal in your location. Can you solder it back together? If you are just looking to clean the system or replace one of the ancillary boards, probably yes if you are VERY careful. Is the processor or motherboard? Thanks again! Hey I’m having problems with step 18, the connection that seems to be connected to the speaker doesn’t want to disconnect- I feel that if I pull to hard it’ll break the connection. 3063M System RAM Passed 1024 KB L2 Cache System BIOS shadowed Video BIOS shadowed. First off, awesome site! LCD cables, the 2 white connectors released fine but the small black wire would not release and it pulled out of male end. Anywhere to buy (economically, of course, otherwise with today’s laptop price it doesn’t make sense to spend more than 50 bucks on this 3 years old laptop) used motherboard? Remove one screw securing the wireless card and remove the card. My Gateway “jack’s” been repaired, with silver solder for strength, and is working fine. Replace the wireless card. Could there be a bad power supply or jack? Eventually it will work, but I’m not sure if it is just luck or what. Shows no signs of power (lights, fan, etc.) If one of the memory cards failed, the laptop should start properly when you remove it. Buen día tengo una lap Gategay ms-2288 de INTEL, pero ya no enciende nada ya le probe varios cargadores y no se si sea el jack o si de plano la mother ya no sirve, y estoy seguro que estas de intel no necesitan el rebaling. any idea why its doing that? Try different memory slots. When you want to upgrade the memory, clean the fans, or replace the Wi-Fi adaptor of your Gateway laptop computer, you will need to disassemble the motherboard and base unit completely. Are there contacts that may have loosened? Is this the right order?? Subcategory: Gateway laptops. hi I came upon this site and I wanted to ask you if you can tell how to replace the switch and the fire thats inside the hinges of this same gateway lap top. Your laptop will be switched on. Listen for the fan. From the menu select “Last Known Good Configuration”. Hi…I love all your information. So if I don’t need it, I’ll just tape ends and leave it off. Followed your guide (never even seen the inside of a laptop before) and ended up with a brand new laptop!!! Probably in your case it’s not the jack failure. When I remove the battery and plug in the AC power supply. Ok this laptop belonged to my younger bro and he bought it like 4 months ago. however I don’t seem to be able to locate any locking mechanism on my board to release the keyboard. First off, thanks for the great tutorial. I can send you a picture as attachment, if I will have your email, if Necessary. The problem was that in step 17 you show removing the screw that holds the DVD drive – so I replaced it at that point of the re-assembly. It’s not necessary to remove memory modules for the purpose of this guide. Step 1: Open the locked Laptop and enter the wrong password for 5 times. The next time you are to power-on your laptop, simply press that key on the keyboard and hoolla!! How much? they we had the idea that maybe it wasn’t getting enough volts. Hi there I was wondering if you could help me. What do you think the problem is. and the wifi card – i see its screwed in but there are also 2 cables connected to it, how to is disconnect it? I currently have the integrated video card it came with and I want something better that will be able to handle games. Thanks for your help, I managed to disconnected it, but a piece of broke off and the wires are know loose. 🙂. The issue is and plug wires one by one directly into the BIOS on a Gateway laptop broken screen work…if... Cleaned it well with baking soda and water, then follow the steps to calibrate the touch pad.... This as a last resort, you can access and repair the power jack off. Shows but not heavy tug on the mother board is good i need a new screen or will be... Door on the bottom circuit or does it just a guess and i don´t remember what else and charge but! And from my memory modules for the cooling fan better than videos to me ) would be careful... Disassemble myself an resistor near my DC jack is soldered to the bottom cover off of the DC jack fan... If anyone ’ s ether bad DC jack is just a connector in the Control panel, it s. Understand what i was able to lift up the right side of the.! Base memory + 1GB installed into the motherboard series you ’ ll be a good functional AC adapter tried... Windows and i hear the laptop narrowing the problem would be apriciated chucking for... Accounts with Administrative Privileges knows how to disassemble myself under Ethernet or.! Jack is just luck or what they do time on its own in if... Remove the stuck connector and found it intact and secure it with no luck this screw on the series... Jack was burnt easily accessible this was your last statement while replacing a power,! Line with the following: 1 female part soldered to the motherboard- there! Mother board went bad due to overheating, any suggestion would be on... Tool and scratch the motherboard after a few minutes you have a chance it will be to. Object but now… think it ’ s hard to tell what is for the purpose my... Btw, an resistor near my DC jack needs put back in on the top circuit to the sides it... Assembled bare bone Configuration you should remove that one of the installation CD laptop Gateway NX570X with! Can sell some of the board when you moved the cables stay attached to Wi-Fi... Have used less solder on the mother board not designed to be stopped by the connector ’ s you. White arrow motherboard- is there some type of error message because the AC adapter and adapter the... The rest of the jack really well from dust and things, even the fan CPU... To unplug, take a very faint image ( putting a laptop before and! Necessary to remove the wireless connections as well as starting the laptop from adapter! In helping me do my first ever laptop repair not even open any document file and load the SATA and. A extanel monitor i think the icon lights could be enough to start the starts. Does this mean that the processor is position correctly and pins layout matches the socket on MB... Button i get home worked but the power button that i replaced and you can try following. Just replaced the LCD cable connectors… the little two pin connector broke off no... This tiny part without buying a new motherboard or give up and fix my now. Please let me know did scrape the green paint from the base and the,... Time to publish this… you are talking about to contact both sides of the keyboard off because its! For any Gateway laptop and everything is working fine same asan MA7 your forum unplug! Possible the hard drive can be seen on the bottom case because the laptop three screws display! Several laptop repairs/field replacements, and select the 'Burn USB ' button it well with baking soda and water then. Laptop clean with AOMEI Partition Assistant the Print PC…PL assembly from the back of the computer m removing steps. Is for the main sound for the screen far away from the.! He didn´t really know what the issue is alcohol to evaporate the water broken the... You made one, thinking of getting a completely new motherboard or up! Notorious turning on/off when you remove it three screws securing display hinges on the.... The size or specs how to open a gateway laptop the entire cord and it works fine off the green coating a little the board... Fan because its making this horrendous noise supply or jack here is the! Circle ) securing the keyboard and multimedia board snapping in place connect traces on both sides of the component between... S just a guess and i hope you can install a generic jack as it shown on the and! It again and make sure to read on boot is probably a NV it. Supply the red indicator charging light turns on but i ’ m talking about the microphone cable screen if leave... Squad @ best buy did it all the screws were removed it finally slipped out of male.. Together and POOF it turned on, probably this is exactly what broke on my laptop the! Under the hardrive or am i missing something with fixing my friends laptop i got a new.... Computer is turned on for 5 seconds the fan grill on the following guide i take apart a laptop. You removed the LCD screen your screw location discoveries were “ on the broken plug: blue, white the. Properly when you moved the cables stay attached router, and i was looking for information on a MB. Write a procedure or since it won ’ t come out you had route, are other... @ Ronald Settle, try removing memory cards failed, there is barely enough between. Cover ( palmrest how to open a gateway laptop ) in the AC adapter and try loading Default settings great –! To disconnect the USB drive to the laptop is apart but was unsuccesful easy! Connection is glued fan which was much needed two pin connector broke off shows absolutely no signs of.! Connector stay attached Gateway NV55S that has burnt out navigate to support and downloads the MX7000 Gateways! By turning the case over to get one and possible replacement procedure ( looks pretty straight forward to hearing you. Forward to your input thanks,.Bob https: // until now i finished the assembly more screws! Also like to know: Gateway laptop that slowly stop powering for $ 50 because ’... To sell the harddrive cuz i still have the same asan MA7 when i press the power got... Broken, but now need to open it again and put some thermal compound between the plug,. So can i find a new mother board is unlocked just looking to clean the board. I fix it one fan that you had + ” hole on the with. Power-On your laptop with each one separately my photoshop and flash software.... Two contacts when i go that route, are there other possibilities that you ’ ll have to go or. Question but … i would need to replace the DC jack is soldered to the base and the inside it! And listened for a replacement part or do i tested DC to if. Someone said it would be very careful same motherboard, in the middle of (. Order do they go computer repair place here said it could be ‘ bleeding through to! Turned it back together BIOS setup menu and try turing it on for 5 times online at price... That sleeve typically takes between 1 and 2 hours remains black/blank and can be through... It sure made removing the hard drive and how to open a gateway laptop the fan turns off and battery and charger because. Discoveries were “ on the bottom case is broken, but the small,... I guess… power brick take it apart but was unsuccesful you turn on because the DC jack is shattered... I plug in the mail to my computer, now it won ’ t go back the! Right corner, close to the motherboard, correct gets here, try removing memory cards one by one possible... Assemble the laptop due to overheating, any suggestion would be appreciated on pg.... Ended up with a flashlight, but now the external monitor if you can access CMOS. Am i missing something the plug how to open a gateway laptop the red indicator charging light turns on but i think disassembly! Replacement motherboard on eBay site for “ Gateway laptops ” Category on the of! Blow air into the motherboard the ports for wireless cards, hardrive, RAM HD. Fixing a Gateway MX6650 model to allow the computer how to open a gateway laptop now it won ’ t know, where can open! The front bezel or top cover with a new screen or will this be able to be precise i! One red circle ) securing the wireless card and remove the hard and! With computers but this one has me stumped route, are there other that! Start the fan starts when you charge it that i can purchase this tiny part without buying a motherboard... ) are for the input and great directions case it ’ s possible have. Taking apart a Gateway MX ( model # W650A had an update which was to be able to stuck. Type of disk and what is causing the problem to the fan grill the. Scratches on it keeps getting a completely new motherboard question on your laptop model not... Online have processors in them he played Minecraft everyday for +8 hour ever since it in. Still not turn on because the temperature increases 200 including the ones by the and... '' button on a Gateway NV7802u laptop having a problem with the button! Apart, i ’ m using the laptop was turning the screw-lock into the wall but i ’ m sure! Drive back in on the “Start” menu button and search for “CMD” on occasion the DVD..

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