which is better swift dzire vxi or zxi

6,000 to Rs. This comparison has been carried out on the basis of prices, engine specifications, mileage, and features of these cars. Compare Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 2015 VXi vs Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 2015 ZXi - Compare by Prices, Features, Specifications, Dimensions & Pictures on Overdrive. This Maruti Suzuki Dzire VXI AMT and Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZXI comparison is done on the basis of ex-showroom price, on road price, Features, interiors, exterior and specifications, etc. Kindly submit specific answers otherwise don't cut and paste from Google. Still if you want to go for a Swift. The most affordable tyre available for the ZXI is the Aeolus, which is priced at Rs. MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE | LXI VARIANT FEATURES, Rs. "https://www.instagram.com/v3cars/"]}] "url":"https://www.v3cars.com/newPages/img/vLogo.png"}, So i dislike maruthi. float: left; So quite natural now their services have already improved, I suggest Tiago beacuse of its build qualiy and its high speed stability.always preffer safety as the first concern. The price gap from the LXI variant is Rs. In my opinion the rivals are currently better than Swift in the price range. "publisher": { 8.28 lakh for the ZXI Plus variant for the manual transmission. 6,000 to Rs. {"@type": "ListItem","position": 1,"name": "Home","item": "https://www.v3cars.com/" },{"@type": "ListItem","position": 2,"name": "reviews","item": "https://www.v3cars.com/reviews" },{"@type": "ListItem","position": 3,"name": "which-variant-of-the-2020-maruti-suzuki-dzire-facelift-hybrid-petrol-is-the-best-value-for-money","item": "https://www.v3cars.com/reviews/which-variant-of-the-2020-maruti-suzuki-dzire-facelift-hybrid-petrol-is-the-best-value-for-money" } 6.53 lakhs. Engine may good.. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire VXI is one of the most popular cars among Indians living in urban areas. MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE VXI VARIANT | FEATURES OVER LXI, Rs. 2020. Maruti people make the car light and because of that safety has been compromised and you will not get confidence on driving at high speed!! Is The ZXI Plus Variant Of 2020 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol Worth Buying? } The 3 cylinder Engine on Tiago causes vibration and it is very vocal when pushed hard, the reliability of the engine is still a question. Engine Type: 1.2-litre VVT Petrol: K-Series Petrol Engine With VVT: Displacement (CC) 1197 CC: 7.23 lakhs respectively. Top Premium Hatchbacks In India - Your Pick? The new Dzire is more expensive up to a limit of Rs 22,000 for the ZXI AGS model. But petrol engines of all 3 versions are the same. Compare Dzire and Swift Prices, Mileage, Features, Specs, Colours and much more. 80,000 price gap over the ZXI variant, its feature list includes feel-good items, some of which can be easily installed after the purchase. The automatic variants claim to deliver 24.15kmpl while the manual transmission variants have an ARAI-certified figure of 23.26kmpl. "url": "https://www.v3cars.com/reviews/which-variant-of-the-2020-maruti-suzuki-dzire-facelift-hybrid-petrol-is-the-best-value-for-money" Instant money transfer, RC Transfer, Home Inspection, Thank you! Not only doesn’t the ZXI Plus variant justify the Rs. 69,000 more than the VXI variant and is priced at Rs. Aarif 2016-09-04 1 Answer Airbags and other safety features like SRS and P-EPS 4. Both variants come with fabric seats. The VXI automatic variant costs another Rs. 8,00,500 (AT) | EX-SHOWROOM, DELHI | APR. Your paying capacity and difference in features. 6005 is the most expensive. 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire Facelift Hybrid Petrol - ZXI & ZXI Automatic Variant The ZXI variant costs Rs. Maruti DZire 2018 vs Swift 2018 Comparison - which is a better buy and why? Maruti Suzuki Dzire Vs Hyundai i20 Comparison: Which Car is Better? 52,500 and costs Rs. "http://www.youtube.com/c/V3cars-Official", Depend on the number of features you want and the budget that you have. Brother,First of all Honda Amaze has a CVT gearbox not an SMT. 22,000. Does the ordinary Swift ZXi offer tilt steering? Check out Price, Specs, Performance & Mileage. Swift dZire - 15% best choise. width: 100% !important; 8.02 lakh with the automatic transmission. Engine. Same vehicle with same engine, but top variant ZxI gets alloy wheels, tachometer, body colored bumpers & door handles, reverse sensor & camera, keyless entry, music system, & all the goodies, while all these are missing in Lxi. MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE ZXI VARIANT | FEATURES OVER VXI, Rs. Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Variants. Also the safety of Maruti cars is not up to mark. width: 100%; 6.91 lakhs and Rs. Buy it if you want them but know that this is not a good value for money. Compared to the outgoing Dzire model, the prices are up by Rs. The VXi trim only offers a Radio/CD Player. The ZXI variant costs Rs. 5.19 Lakh. If your budget permits, you can go for a Baleno. The LXI variant is a good starting point and in fact a better value than the VXI variant. 6.79 lakh. Compare Maruti Swift vs Maruti Swift Dzire 2012-2014 at Gaadi. } Compared to the outgoing Dzire model, the prices are up by Rs. This doesn’t make it … Which Variant Of The 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire Facelift Hybrid Petrol Is The Best Value For Money? MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE ZXI Plus VARIANT | FEATURES OVER ZXI, Rs. Similarly the Dzire VXI petrol and VDI diesel are priced at Rs. The ZXI Plus variant mostly adds feel-good features and that too not at a good price. Also Read - Renault Triber 1.0L Petrol vs Hyundai Venue 1.2L Petrol - Price, Specs, Features Comparison. Check Maruti Suzuki Celerio ZXI AMT(Petrol) versus Maruti Swift Dzire VXI AT (Petrol) on Engine Type, Engine Size, Max Power, Max Torque, Fuel Supply System, Mileage, Transmission Type, DIMENSIONS, Overall Length, Ground Clearance, Fuel Tank Capacity, Turning Circle Radius, Boot Space, etc. In the Dzire, this engine is now available as standard and for only a nominal price increase. Trying to figure out which of these cars to buy? 8.28 lakh with the manual transmission and Rs. Here are the prices of the Dzire 2020 Facelift hybrid petrol compared to the older Dzire: The 2020 Dzire petrol now gets the hybrid petrol engine, which was earlier available as an option with the Baleno for about Rs. Search. So style conscious buyers can choose to buy this variant but be warned that you’re paying more than you should for these features. The Dzire’s naturally-aspirated engine has 113Nm of peak torque at 4400rpm. Check the comparison between Hyundai i20 and . The LED DRLs, LED projector headlamps and machined alloy wheels do have an allure. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. Relevance. 90,000. In terms of torque output, the Aura’s 1.0 turbo is an easy winner with its 172Nm of peak torque, which is available from as low as 1500rpm and stays strong till 4000rpm. The ZXI Plus variant of the Swift BS6 petrol costs Rs. We share all the details with you. As far as mileage is concerned, the Swift has a mileage of 21.21 kmpl (Petrol top model)> and the Dzire has a mileage of 24.12 kmpl (Petrol top model). 8.81 lakh with the automatic. Maruti Suzuki Dzire vs Maruti Suzuki Swift Comparison at CarWale. 1. 7.32 lakh. I have decided to buy Maruti Swift petrol. "email":"[email protected]"}, To Be Announced costlier than base model of Maruti Swift priced at Rs. "@type": "webpage", can original sunroofs be attached to Dzire? Our experts bring you to a detailed comparison between Swift vs Swift Dzire 2012-2014 on around 100 Parameters. 5,89,000 | EX-SHOWROOM, DELHI | APR. 5.19 Lakh which is Rs. "name":"V3Cars", refer the comparison column in zigwheels. Dzire Vs New Swift – Which has a Better Engine Efficiency? Its super stylish design, as well as excellent fuel efficiency, makes it a favourite of the urban audience. !Maruti Suzuki people always compromises with safety to cut down the price... but now it's the time for us now to look for the safety also!! The ZXI automatic is again another Rs. I want to decide between VXI and ZXI model, My parents will drive car mostly in rural areas, 3-4 times a month on highway. Ride quality, and all aspects should be considered.. "itemListElement": [ Select Car Also I want to know pros and cons of 165/80 R14 Tyres and 185/70 R14 Tyres. ; 8,80,500 (AT) | EX-SHOWROOM, DELHI | APR. Honda city - 75% best choice. So,  if you can afford the VXI variant, you can go for it. "@context": "http://schema.org", which model should i go for? In the powertrain department, the New Maruti Suzuki Swift gets 82 bhp Petrol engine, whereas the Maruti Suzuki Dzire comes in 89 bhp Petrol engine. If accident occur customers has no guaranty. But tata tiago sold above 3 lakh cars in four years. The automatic transmission variants are priced between Rs. 1.59 lakh. ZXI+ Top Model Variant - because it includes all features not present or present in lxi and vxi or vxi+ . Company Fitted music system 3. Answer Save. "@type": "WebPage", Such as 4 power windows 2. Its having a fresh look 8 speaker harman music systemAnd amt is not as laggy as maruthi. 8,28,000 (MT) Rs. Swift Dzire VXI: 61kW @ 6000rpm, 113Nm @ 4200rpm Swift Dzire VXI AGS: 61kW @ 6000rpm, 113Nm @ 4200rpm Swift Dzire ZXI: 61kW @ 6000rpm, 113Nm @ 4200rpm Swift Dzire VDI: 55.2 kW @ 4000 rpm, 190 Nm @ 2000 rpm Swift Dzire ZXI AGS: 61kW @ 6000rpm, 113Nm @ 4200rpm Swift Dzire VDI AGS: 55.2kW @ 4000rpm, 190 Nm @ 2000 rpm Swift Dzire ZXI+ The price jump from the ZXI variant to the ZXI Plus is … The use of all these alphabets and monikers are recent editions. Etios - 10% best choise The 2020 Dzire loses diesel engine option but its petrol hybrid engine now promises diesel-like 24kmpl+ fuel efficiency. However, the Aura’s 1.0 turbo and Ford Aspire still handily beat the Dzire with 100PS and 96PS of power output, respectively. Also, this time around it is sold in 4 different variants, namely LXi, VXi, ZXi, and ZXi+. In terms of Features - Grand I10 has in all with more variants to offer in to customer - Foldable ORVM, Cooled Glove Box, Push Button Ignition etc in Sportz & Asta variants makes it a stylish pick - Grand has more to offer in its features list and looks better composed with the offerings in its 5 variants - Era, Magna, Sportz, Asta & Asta Option as against Swift in Lxi,Vxi & Zxi trim. 8.01 lakh. 7.48 lakh (ex-showroom). Compare its engine specs, mileage and dimensions against other sedans like Hyundai Aura, Honda Amaze, Tata Tigor, and Ford Aspire. { Lakshya is a senior member of V3Cars’ editorial team. 6,79,000 (MT) Rs. Although we can trust Tata for the efforts they have been putting in to keep the flag high as an Indian automobile manufacturer. 1.59 lakh. 52.500 dearer and costs Rs. Swift VXI vs Swift ZXI Maruti Swift Price starts at Rs. For the price, this variant is also worth considering and it justifies the price gap over the VXI manual. Which will be a better choice between swift dzire vxi and honda jazz s(petrol)? 5.89 lakh (ex-showroom). A company which is not at all considered safety... Only to take money. However, because of the hybridization, the car’s off-peak torque should be better than before for low-speed drivability in the city. Only thing their services and parts availability is a good. Go for the ZXI model as it has all the creature comforts. Basic Information AMT ZXI Plus Check the comparison between Maruti Suzuki Celerio and . The body panels are thinner than all of the rivals. The VXi has a simple cabin with a dual-tone colour scheme and no wood finish. Ford Classic CLXi (Petrol & Diesel) Vs Maruti Swift Dzire VXI/VDI Classic CLXi is the middle variant in both petrol and diesel line-up and is priced at Rs. 8.81 lakh. The ZXI automatic is also a great value as this variant nicely balances functional, entertainment and style features. This is a huge improvement over the older Dzire. I want to know about automatic transmission of available cars test drived to tell which is better. ", Also, ZXi has wood inserts on the dashboard and door panels. The VXi gets a few of the features of ZxI, but lacks music system, alloy wheels etc. I am not interested in other features of the car. But if you can stretch, we’d suggest getting the ZXI variant, which offers the best bang for your buck according to our internal data. 7,48,000 (MT) Rs. Prices of the 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire facelift hybrid petrol start at Rs. The mere experience of driving automatically is to be road tested and accordingly the best car be suggested. Anonymous. 5.41 lakhs and Rs. "@type":"Organization", }, Select Brand Some of you may be turned off by its barebones nature. It also gets electronic stability control and hill start assist. "@context":"https://schema.org", Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire- Zxi - Check out Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire- Zxi price in India, features, specifications, seller Info, reviews, best price and offers online for Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire- Zxi only at Compare India. So that’s enough reason to find out, which one is a better choice between Maruti Suzuki Dzire zxi vs zxi+? } "sameAs":["https://www.facebook.com/v3cars", Current generation swift is s**t AF... whether in terms of look or in terms of safety!!! .container.fullWidth { In terms of fuel efficiency, the Dzire hybrid is 13.7% better than before with the automatic and 9.7% better in case of the manual transmission. 3371 while the Bridgestone at Rs. { 7.32 lakh and Rs. It is more spacious and is worth the investment than swift. Keep in mind Even though Tiago is of better build quality, the over all driving experience is better in Swift. font-weight: bold; "url":"https://www.v3cars.com", Are there any other differences between these cars other than hatchback? If you want the Dzire with an automatic transmission and are on a budget, the VXI automatic is something worth considering. Thanks to the hybrid engine, the fuel efficiency figure of the Dzire is significantly better than any of its rivals. .subscribeSection span { The question asked here is about the engines. The ZXI variant adds features like: This variant comes across as an amazing value over the VXI and even the LXI variant. Both cars have own expierience but as you asked in both I prefer that you must take test drive in both cars than decide if you ask my expierience i would tell that my expierience is Honda amaze why I told bcoz I love Honda from 1980 .maintaince cost will be high from Maruti company ,and most when you want to sell your Honda car you won't get amount in front of Maruti car. I had driven tiago for 130000kms (one lakh thirty thousand kms ) from my experience tiago is such a nice car. Your question has been submitted. Here are the prices of the, With the hybrid engine, the Dzire now has better power output than the, Renault Triber 1.0L Petrol vs Hyundai Venue 1.2L Petrol - Price, Specs, Features Comparison, Electrically-adjustable and foldable outside mirrors, Renault Triber 1.0L Petrol vs Maruti Suzuki Swift 1.2L Petrol - Price, Specs, Features Comparison, Keyless entry with push-button start/stop. Swift Dzire scored on two aspects - performance and boot space, both at a budget. color: #f00; Can you tell me the waiting period, so that I may know when my car would be delivered? It gets features like: Also Read - Renault Triber 1.0L Petrol vs Maruti Suzuki Swift 1.2L Petrol - Price, Specs, Features Comparison. The LXI, VXI and ZXI+ models are more expensive than Rs 6,000. This engine has 7PS more power and has 8 injectors in the engine - 2 per cylinder. "@type": "BreadcrumbList", Maruti Suzuki Dzire VXI AMT price starts from 7.20 Lakh while Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZXI price starts from 7.32 Lakh in India. ZXI with the manual or automatic transmission is our top recommended variant. ; You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_compare_changemmv,rvmp_change_mmv,rvmp_compare_cars_result,rvmp_popularity_vote,rvmp_qna,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_similar_cars_slider, White Meter Illumination, Co-Driver Side Sunvisor with Vanity Mirror, Driver Side Sunvisor with Ticket Holder, Front Seat Back Pocket (Co-Driver side), Chrome Parking Brake Lever Tip, IP Ornament, Gear Shift Knob in Piano Black Finish, Chrome Inside Door Handles, Front Dome Lamp, White Meter Illumination, Silver Finish on Door Trims, Co-Driver Side Sunvisor with Vanity Mirror, Driver Side Sunvisor with Ticket Holder, Front Seat Back Pocket (Co-Driver side), Chrome Parking Brake Lever Tip, IP Ornament, Gear Shift Knob in Piano Black Finish, Chrome Inside Door Handles, Front Dome Lamp, LED Rear Combination Lamp, LED High Mounted Stop Lamp, Body Coloured ORVMs, Body Coloured Bumpers, Body Coloured Outside Front Door Handles, AUX-in,USB,Bluetooth, Audio Player With CD /MP3,AM/FM, Door Speakers, AUX-in,USB,Bluetooth, Audio Player With CD /MP3,AM/FM, Door Speakers, Tweeters, Rear Parcel Shelf, Multi Information Display, Headlamp On Reminder, - Contactless experience in whole process, Save Up To Rs 68,000 on Maruti Suzuki Arena And Nexa Models This Year-End, Maruti Suzuki Offering Discounts Up To Rs 55,000 This Diwali, Maruti Suzuki Introduces Loyalty Rewards Program. [{"contactPoint":{"@type":"ContactPoint", } Tata cars are better in terms of safety and handling. Insure your Swift Dzire VXI with Royal Sundaram Car insurance policy. Swift Dzire is powered by a powerful 1197cc K-Series engine which generates a maximum torque of 84 bhp @ 6000 rpm and produces a torque of 115 Nm @ 4500 rpm. Let’s find out which variant of the new 2020 Maruti Dzire facelift is the best value for money. The Zxi is the top version with more features than the vxi... the lxi has lesser features than the vxi... Pl. He’s usually blunt in his opinion -- good or bad, and backs it up with logic. The price gap from the LXI variant is Rs. The 2020 Dzire facelift hybrid is available in the following 6 colours: Lakshya loves to talk about cars and, therefore, he’s mostly in the front of the camera doing the talking. The 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire facelift is being offered in four variants- LXi, VXi, ZXi and ZXi+. It’s the widest in the segment but has the smallest wheelbase and boot space. Besides, if you want the Dzire with the automatic transmission, then this is the most affordable option. "logo":{"@type":"ImageObject","Height":"126px","Width":"37px", The NVH levels in swift is much lesser in Swift than that of Tiago. } The notable features of this variant are”. In the past, cars used to have simple names indicating simple features such as the engine dimensions or the horsepower. 69,000 more than the VXI variant and is priced at Rs. The 4 cylinder power unit on Swift is much smoother, peppy and a reliable engine to rely on. Tiago is always good...no doubt I own a swift 2015. 2020. 5.89 lakh for the LXI variant and go up to Rs. The features don’t quite justify the price difference but if you don’t want a basic Dzire and don’t want to stretch your budget, then this is worth considering. I am not asking about technologies, AMT, CVT, DCT etc...I am asking about the actual driving experience of automatic transmission of cars available in India. Hence, the higher trim becomes the clear winner of this part of our Maruti Ertiga VXi vs ZXi comparison. 80,000 over the ZXI manual and ZXI automatic variant. The notable features of the LXI variant are: The base variant covers the basic safety needs and is a good choice for those on a budget. That’s a price gap of Rs. 7.48 lakh (ex-showroom). Maruti Swift Dzire ZXI wears tyres of 185/65 R15 size. Also let me know how much will be the expenses of installing a good CD player in VXI model? Compare the Dzire Vs i20 on carandbike to make an informed buying decision as to which car to buy in 2020. Which is a better choice for you? The ZXi and ZXi+ are the most sold variants and are similarily loaded with tech and goodies. "name": "Which Variant Of The 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire Facelift Hybrid Petrol Is The Best Value For Money? "@context": "https://schema.org", font-size: 17px; You can't upgrade your swift LXI By adding touch screen music player and mag wheel in top varient you will get tacho meter , seat with adjustable headrest , auto ac switches these things you cant buy in market in LXI inbuilt head rest seat feels like alto k10. The VXI manual variant is Rs. Take Home A Maruti Suzuki Swift And Start Paying After Two Months, Zxi + as it has all features and you may not feel underpinned after some time as you may start feeling that it would have been better if I had the zdi+ features in my car. "telephone":"+91 124 4929614", 2020, SmartPlay 7-inch  Touchscreen Infotainment System, Driver Side Autoup Power Window w/ Pinch Guard, The range-topping ZXI Plus manual variant costs Rs. display: none Where the LXi variant is available only with the manual transmission, the latter three trims are offered with option of AMT as well. 22,000. Take your pick based on budget & your requirements. 2020 MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE FACELIFT PETROL MILEAGE - OLD VS NEW. ZXI manual and ZXI automatic are our top recommended variants and the best value for your money. For example, the Fiat 1100 Millicento refers to the engine’s cubic centimeter or the Rolls-Royce 20 hp gives a nod to the engine power.Even cars manufactured in the 60’s and 70’s had much easier names. Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai i20 comparison is based on various factors like Price, Mileage, Features, Specifications, Colours, Service cost & Performance. 8 Answers. With the hybrid engine, the Dzire now has better power output than the Aura 1.2 and Tigor and is on par with the Amaze. "https://twitter.com/v3cars", Check Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire VXi (Petrol) versus Hyundai Elite i20 1.4 Sportz (Diesel) on Engine Type, Engine Size, Max Power, Max Torque, Fuel Supply System, Mileage, Transmission Type, DIMENSIONS, Overall Length, Ground Clearance, Fuel Tank Capacity, Turning Circle Radius, Boot Space, etc. 7,31,500 (AT) | EX-SHOWROOM, DELHI | APR. ] I'm planning to buy either a Maruti Swift ZXi or a Maruti Swift Dzire ZXi. .subs-box { Dzire looks best in this variant, but it’s an expensive upgrade. safety!! There are 37 different tyre models available for Swift Dzire ZXI from renowned brands like MRF, Michelin, Apollo and more. The base LXI variant is only available with a 5-speed manual transmission and it costs Rs. 2020, Steering Mounted Audio & Calling Controls, Chrome Accents on Console, Gear Lever and Steering Wheel. LTD., BORING CANAL ROAD (e), RAJAPUR PUL, PATNA. Compare Maruti Suzuki Swift 2014 ZXi vs Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire 2015 VXi - Compare by Prices, Features, Specifications, Dimensions & Pictures on Overdrive. "contactType":"customer support", The older Dzire had a fuel efficiency of 21.21kmpl with either of the two transmission options. Swift Dzire Tyres Price ", "description": "Find out which variant of the 2020 Maruti Suzuki Dzire facelift hybrid petrol offers the best value for money based on features. I have booked Zxi variant of 2016 Maruti Swift DZire with ALANKAR AUTO SALES & SERVICES PVT. 7.58 lakh with manual transmission and Rs. Comparison between Maruti Swift Dzire LXi V/s Maruti Swift Dzire VXi V/s Maruti Swift Dzire ZXi V/s Maruti Swift Dzire Automatic VXi Maruti Swift Dzire LXi Starts at Rs. 2020 MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE FACELIFT SPECS - OLD VS NEW. 90,000 more expensive than the LXI variant and costs Rs. 2011 Swift Dzire is a previous generation compact sedan from Maruti Suzuki. The 2020 Dzire hybrid remains the same in size as before.

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