i accidentally put dog flea medicine on my cat

Can I have other cats around my 3 month old cat? What to do if you use a dog flea treatment on your cat Because the product can be harmful to your cat, there are a few steps that you should take if you apply the wrong flea treatment. Emergency. Ingestion occurs if the dog or cat licks the treated area. First 2 Hours: I Just Put My Dog's Flea/Tick Medicine on My Cat. You’ll squeeze the tube onto the skin on the back of Toby’s neck – an area he can’t reach to lick off the medication. Is there an a million-800 quantity on the kit which you would be able to call and ask the producer what else you're able to do to help your kitty till your vet opens? If you are seeing fleas on Mia now, you can give her Capstar (). More severely affected cats, especially those suffering from fits that are hard to control, unfortunately, have a poorer prognosis and sadly may die or be put to sleep. Yeast and garlic have been shown to be very effective in driving fleas and ticks off of the host organism, in this case, you cat or dog. re: meshcount. Q: I applied a flea collar to my pet and they chewed it off and ingested some of the product. Fitness Resolutions For Your Dog And You. Then they get the tapeworm. One of the chemicals in Vectra for flea repellent can be really harmful to cats. yet it incredibly is incredibly the only flea preventative it incredibly is secure to try this with. Some dog flea products can cause seizures and twitching in cats. Dogs are barking, kids are screaming, and you’re thinking about getting everything on your list before the kids get home from school.There are no pimply faced kids in the aisle to give you their “expert” advice, so you throw some flea stuff in your cart. Frontline Plus for Dogs Large Dog is a waterproof flea and tick treatment with a fast-acting, long-lasting formula that kills fleas and ticks at all life stages. good success. ok - i've got purely been doing some examine in this for you. I gave her a bath with dish soap. While you can reapply flea treatment early in some cases, you should talk to your veterinarian to find the best and most effective flea treatment for your pet. What else can I do? Overdoseing on flea … However, some cats who are particularly limber, as well as cats who bat the area with their paws, can ingest some of the flea medications. Here's what to do in the first two hours after you accidentally put your dog's flea or tick medication on your cat. What if I accidentally put cat flea medicine dog? Learn all you need to know about looking after the cats in your life and some other fun things along the way. If a cat is accidentally exposed to a dog’s oral flea medication, veterinary attention should be sought immediately. When administering a flea spot on, treatment to your cat, I have listed a 6 step approach. While Toby is getting a massage, grab a rag, then go ahead and break the seal of the tube of flea medication. Please help me, she means everything to me. Also the company that makes the vectra may have a 1-800 number or a phone number and they may have answers as well. If dogs are treated with a product containing permethrin, they should be kept away from cats for 72 hours. different ones commonly are diverse for cats vs. canine whether the two are made via an identical producer. 1 decade ago. He needs to be getting fluids. Home » Help! i desire your kitty is high-quality. Why does my cat sometimes pee on the floor when we have two clean cat litters in the house? I took him to an emergency vet and they didn't feel he was symptomatic for treatment. Most safe flea medications for cats are in a topical form. Relevance. Buy a product which is specifically made for cats, not any other animal. There’s a picture of a big dog on the box, so how could anyone put it on their cat?Well, it happens. This is a particularly hard-to-reach area. Whenever permethrin poisoning is known or suspected, it’s important to let the manufacturer know, as well as the local drug regulatory authorities (your vet can help with this). My dog or cat cannot have fleas." Most commonly this is through owners using a dog flea product on their cat by mistake. Treatment of pyrethrin or pyrethroid poisoning in cats includes the following: Cats should never, ever come in contact with dogs' flea medications. 0 0. I Accidentally Put Dog Flea Medicine On My Cat. There is a 50.00 fee or so to call animal poison control but they know treatments and antidotes. First 2 Hours. Topical insecticides are one of the top feline toxins reported to the Pet Poison Helpline, and for good reason. It is good that you washed off as much as possible with the dawn dish soap but even doing that some of the medicine is still absorbed in their system. I Accidentally Put Dog Flea Medicine On My Cat, The Orange Maine Coon – Everything you need to know. The chemicals from the medication disrupt the nervous system and can lead to serious health problems. 1  Today I accidentally put some dog flea medicine on my cat who is about 3 years old and I washed it off IMMEDIATLY after realizing my mistake. If you think you may have applied a flea product containing permethrin you need to contact your vet IMMEDIATELY. Ginger Cat House is dedicated to providing useful information to help both owner & cat welfare and happiness. This cannot be a flea allergy." My husband put dog flea medication on my cat. Some combination flea and tick medications such as K9 Advantix or Certifect are in fact toxic to cats and should never be used. bypass to an emergency well-being facility in case you ought to. If you accidentally applied dog flea and tick medication to your cat, contact your veterinarian, an emergency veterinarian, or an animal poison control center immediately. Your cat is showing neurologic signs as a result may be they should have kept him for observation or even supportive care like an IV catheter in case they had to give him medication for seizures. This all happened within 12 hours. The truth is that many pets are very good at removing fleas. You may even put it on by complete mistake, if you do try not to panic, as long as your cat is treated quickly it can be safely resolved and will not affect your cat’s health. Applying the medication between the shoulder blades near the base of the neck is usually the safest place. I found wrapping a cat in a thick towel was always a good way to assist with this process. Those products that contain insecticides from the pyrethrin or pyrethroid family are the culprit (e.g, permethrin, cyphenothrin, etc. She is just not all there. Permethrin is generally used as an insecticide and is found in some flea spot-on products made for dogs, however, for cats, exposure to concentrated permethrin can result in serious illness and death. You will be able to find out who this is by calling your normal Vets telephone number and listening to the answerphone message or by visiting their website. When applied correctly, flea medicine should be applied in the area right below the cat’s neck, close to the skin. I accidentally put Dog Flea Medicine on my cat – is this an emergency? ). Flea Medication. Part his fur until you see his skin, which can be tricky if he has long tresses. Save. Sadly, the answer is yes dog flea medication contains Permethrin which is highly toxic to cats. Flea and tick medicine poisoning can be fatal if it is not treated by a veterinarian. Fortunately, most cases of permethrin poisoning are preventable. The chemical in dog flea medicine affects the cat’s nervous system, causing: Less commonly cats may have trouble breathing and may even become blind. The most common type of flea control product is pyrethrum-based. i might wager that their physique can not metabolise the chemicals the way a canine can and it motives the two liver of kidney issues. Flag. The safest products will be purchased through your Vets as they will go through vigorous testing to ensure they are safe. Many descriptions don’t include active ingredients and warning logos or signs aren’t always prominently displayed on webpages. 5 Answers. DO NOT wait until your normal Veterinarian reopens. Dog Flea Drops Accidentally Put on Cat? The lively components in that medicine are cyphenothrin and pyriproxyfen. What precautions should I take before I give my cat a bath? Or, if the owner simply guesses his dog’s weight, his dog could become sick or suffer loss of fur/hair. All she does is sleep and sometimes looks like she is dead. Take extra care when choosing from a shop where dog and cat treatments may be displayed together. Poisoning most often occurs when pet owners accidentally (or, sometimes, intentionally) apply dog-specific topical flea/tick medicine to their cats. There are many recommendations across the internet for ‘natural flea treatments’ while you are of course free to use these, be aware they may not be too effective. If you use too much on your dog (if you give a 40-pound dose to a 20 pound dog) you risk making him sick. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. 5 Common Yorkie Health Concerns . i can not seem to make certain what those chemicals do to a cat precisely. Reading with interest by: Anonymous We have 3 cats who all love roaming the garden 24/7. Email. As everyone else has been saying call your regular vet. I washed my cat with dawn dish washing soap, combed the ridge line removing fur. Take him back to the vet...he needs to be on IV fluids and have some steroids/ antihistamines. I've seen this happen to a cat when the owner accidentally put K-9 Adventix on the cat. . Observe your cat, does he some allergic reaction? If you haven't already done so or the emergency vet should have contacted the animal poison control for antidotes or a course of treatment for the cat. I have accidentally you flea treatment meant for dogs on my cat. Poisoning can also happen through contact with a dog that has recently been treated by a spot-on product containing permethrin. I accidentally put dog flea medicine for the amount of 21 to 55 lb on my small feline and she is exhibiting the Tremors and twitching it's been a few … Still have questions? Some people may be tempted to save money by putting dog flea treatment on a cat or may not even realise it is an issue. Myth #1: "I don't see any fleas on my dog or cat. This page was created as part of a press release from ISFM. Very risky to cats. If veterinary treatment is received promptly, the majority of cats will thankfully make a full recovery. Others have already said this but I’ll answer all the same: the cat can die! different comparable remedies have warnings on them to in no way use on cats by way of fact that is deadly. P.S. Always read product descriptions and take note of warnings. Search the Blog Trending Topics. Share. 7. It can be fatal! But it will probably recover. Update: but she just started to act funny. Anonymous. If you have both dogs and cats in your home, use treatment for the dogs that don’t contain permethrin. A flea infestation on your pet or in your home can be difficult and frustrating to deal with. Poisoning. If a cat has been exposed to a dog flea product, then immediately contact a veterinarian, the emergency number on the product package or Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680 for assistance. Imagine you’re in a dark, overcrowded aisle in a PetSmart or a Walmart. A flea jumps on the dog or cat and the cat or dog bites at it and accidentally ingests it.

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