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dorra’s unique and high performing slimming therapy is proven through the success of thousands of French women in achieving gorgeous figures. With London Weight Management, ideal weight and good health are achieved in the shortest time possible* What to expect? So this post is dedicated to the Dorra Slimming (Singapore). NUS FASS | Freelance Writer & Content Creator, $374.50 per session, which is what this blogger paid for. I did have some concerns about this machine because the infrared rays thing seemed a bit dubious and didn't people use to say they were harmful or something? dorra’s French formula was further refined and customized to suit the needs of Asian women. They're quite good at hard selling that's why even I fell for it. Birds Of Paradise: I Tried This Michelin-Recommended Ice Cream & Here's What I Thought! But it's still your decision, so it's all up to you! Are you blind???? De' Beautrium Salon. But I went to their sister company shop, named London Weight Management. You can still go if you want to try it out, but if you aren't feeling sure about the treatment, there's no harm cancelling especially if you haven't paid (: thank you. See up to 5cm loss in just 20 – 40 minutes with our French-formulated slimming treatments, now available in Singapore. I am actually a customer in London Weight Management and I can say that LWM is still way up better than Dorra… Sorry to … What To Eat In Yangon, Myanmar: My 12 Favourite Burmese Food! She also slid in a ". After making payment, she happily escorted me to one of the treatment rooms, and told me to change into a purple robe. I felt something ia suspicious when they called and did not explain much. Hi! BeautyTemplates | Distributed by blogger templates, I was introduced to a consultant, and she first introduced the slimming treatment to me and asked me to fill out some forms. Malaysian in Singapore | NUS FASS | Freelance Writer & Content Creator | Blogger by day, VJ by night, Created with I know they're just doing their job, but personally I didn't really like it. LTD. (UEN: 201020281C) is a company incorporated on 24 September 2010. The machine looks quite cool, but I'm really not sure if it WORKS. Close friends would know I've become more conscious of my weight a few weeks ago, after seeing how dancing doesn't seem to … Yeah so that was the lower thighs...lmao. So it seems like Bangkok is starting to grow on me a lot! Ltd. Apr 2017 - Present 3 years 9 months. 214 talking about this. I also won't say I was cheated of my money because it was ultimately still my decision to buy the package, and $35 per session is so much better than $374.50 per session, which is what this blogger paid for . Hai Di Lao VS Beauty In The Pot: Which Is Better? I remember almost crying once because I looked so ugly and stupid with my sagging thighs and cling wrap all around me, and I thought to myself, After wrapping me up, I waddled my way to the capsule thingy, where I lied in for. They told me that I was at the early stage of Level 2. I was then told to undress and leave only my undergarments on. I told them that I sign up just to support my lose weight program with my other coach. I mean, I know my body isn't Kim Kardashian, but I'm 23 and honestly my body isn't as bad as they said. Ah, finally the moment we've been waiting for - hard selling! With all that in mind, is it really so surprising to learn that Malaysian people are the most likely to be obese in the South East Asian region? Thi... ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Review Hi all! We are an established Group of Companies with presence in Singapore and Malaysia. Dorra and London same owners. Fix that with the Top Slimming Centres in Singapore. Luckily I have insisted that I'd only pay RM30 for the trial and mot wanting to sign any package until i had my trial done and go home to think.I don't understand why woulr they do the hardsale before letting me try the RM30 trial. Amber Beila Aqua Peel Facial Review (Beauty World). Pages Other Brand Health/Beauty Dorra Slimming Singapore Videos Sylvia lost 6cm in 20 mins! I guess I felt confident enough at the time that I would be able to handle their hard-selling, and I was just too curious and wanted to see if it actually works. Not sure if you’re overweight or just big in certain areas? Dorra Slimming Pte. Ok so long story short, I cracked, and I walked away from Dorra $350 poorer. Every treatment at London Weight Management consists of a one-on-one consultation, detailed body fat analysis and a series of customised slimming techniques to help you achieve that trim and womanly figure you desire. With the help of fast and effective slimming treatments at London Weight Management, there is no need to turn to any other ways to lose weight. Over 50,000 dorra ® success stories!. btw, London Weight Management (LWM), Yun Nam, New York Skin Solution.. these 3 are of same companies. I'm so angry just as im writing this. The fast pace of life means that many people don’t have the time or energy to exercise regularly, and a lot of our food tends to be high in fat and cholesterol. The next section will be about the treatment package I signed up for and my experience with it. However, the trial treatment really did work on me, it firmed up my butt and both thigh were smaller and firmer. Staying With My Boyfriend Happy 2nd Month of the Circuit Breaker ! 47170 selangor ... london weight management-festival mall lot s47,kl festival city. My consultant even said I'm not forcing you BUT YOUR THIGHS ARE REALLY BIG FOR LITERALLY 4-5 TIMES. But like you said, they didn't even bother to measure my thighs after the session.My recommend to others who'd like to try to go ahead for their trials, but be prepared for their hardsale & pushy consultant. dorra. Dorra Slimming London Weight Management New York Skin Solutions Skin Renew Yun Nam Hair Care Aveda Leekaja Beauty Salon Hairdepot Miko Galere Shizens 1-for-1 Sunspray 1-for-1 Spa Treatment (excluding Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure) 1-for-1 Auras Therapy (worth RM658) at RM238 only 1-for-1 Signature Facial Treatment (worth RM298/session) at RM98 only by Euro Group Pte Ltd is the parent company of several leading brands in Singapore’s beauty industry, including Yun Nam Hair Care Pte Ltd, London Weight Management Pte Ltd, New York Skin Solutions Pte Ltd, Dorra Slimming Pte Ltd and Shakura Pigmentation Beauty Pte Ltd. • Solely responsible for Shakura Pigmentation Beauty Pte Ltd staffing issue. AMES manage 7 distinguished brands; Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, Dorra Slimming, Shakura Pigmentation Beauty, Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth and Victoria Face lift. 53300 kuala lumpur I also asked her some questions, like whether the treatment would be long-lasting and if my body would become fat again after the treatment was complete. Also, I'm not really sure how the machine could tell that I was a 35-year-old lady just by me stepping on it. Omote Thomson Plaza Japanese Food Review (Delivery) & SEE MENU HERE! She then booked my next appointment, and asked me to record down the food I ate everyday. New York Skin Solutions G86. Because I really did not see any difference in my thighs before and after the treatment. | TERMS It is located at 2 JURONG EAST STREET 21 #05-01 IMM BUILDING SINGAPORE 609601. Glamourette Hair Studio F57A. Curious and went there for the trial but I guess my rejection skill is better than their hard selling lmao. I'm actually aware of many bloggers who said that they've had really bad experiences at Dorra and felt cheated of their money. So after the booster was applied, she proceeded to give me some sort of lipolysis treatment which was, Basically they used this machine thing and rubbed it really hard against my thighs, After the lipolysis treatment, I was served some hot water and the consultant explained to me what the whole treatment was about again. I'm a very valued customer of London Weight Management & Dorra Sliming for more than 10 years. Glamourette Hair Studio. Yun Nan Hair Care, London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, Shakura Pigmentation, Dorra Slimming and Jonsson Protein are under the same company whether you are in Singapore, Malaysia or even China. Nice ... KG9F (Kiosk) 1 - 1st Floor. Fe'maritz. I guess I can relate, though I didn't experience very very intense hard selling. At first I went to the Malaysia PJ uptown shop and I still remember the consultant name called Peggy. Professional consultants at London Weight Management will guide you through a holistic and healthy weight loss journey that certainly involves no crash diets, injections, pills or surgeries*. The No.1 Lower Body Slimming Expert NO diet, NO pills, NO injections. Then she pulled her wildcard, which was this student deal thingy where she'd offer me. You can go experience the trial yourself then decide to sign up or not on the same day before 7pm on the same day. After changing, she asked me to lie down and rubbed some cold cream on my lower and upper thighs. And you look slim tbh would kill to have that body of yours! 67 jalan taman ibu kota, taman danau kota setapak. I actually never heard of Dorra before, and while I've heard of slimming services such as London Weight Management, I was quite distrustful of such services. It's supposed to help you burn fats and help the body better absorb the cream. Dorra Slimming Outlets – Body Slimming Singapore. So for those parts of my body that were sagging and ageing, she said that it could be improved through this, I told her I didn't have the money because I was a student, and a foreigner some more, and I was self-sufficient. How It's Like Moving In With My Boyfriend? Anyway, I'm just going to put some before-after pictures for you guys to decide if the treatment worked - and I won't even label before or after because tbh you can't tell the difference. Most Preferred Slimming Brand for Women with Weight Problems I also won't say I was cheated of my money because it was ultimately still my decision to buy the package, and $35 per session is so much better than. ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover Review: Does It Work? Thanks for your review. I can understand how you feel! bluunis F38. DORRA SLIMMING PTE. The best slimming centers in Singapore for weight management. (don't fall into the trap if they say you must sign up NOW") Go home only decide whether to sign or not. At dorra, our team of professionals is ready to help you remove fat and regain the perfect and stunning silhouette you deserve today! i hope that past experienced customers can speak out. Sign up for dorra’s Super Deal: 30 Slimming Treatments for ONLY RM660 (worth RM2868)! Either it's some very advanced alien technology, or it's playing with me. When it comes to weight loss, there is no quick fix. Sometime in January my aunt did say that I looked like I lost weight, but that was also the time I got my braces done and couldn't eat properly, which may be the REAL reason why I lost weight. Should I still go? Over 50,000 women have successfully slimmed down with dorra and made their curvaceous dream come true. Remember she mentioned giving me "extra parts" to work on? The RM660 promo. I had an appointment with Dorra Slimming Centre at Woodlands Civic Centre Level 4 on the 3rd June 2012. View more information and details Dorra Slimming F51 - F54. Founded by French experts, dorra is synonymous with state-of-the-art lower body slimming solutions. On the other hand, the consultants at London Weight Management (which I've been to as well) were definitely ruder and more intrusive than the staff at Dorra. My response to this statement above would be, no??? Going To Bangkok AGAIN: What I Did On My Second 4D3N Visit. The top slimming centers in Singapore. thank you for your article. I always just went there and fell asleep haha. Slim Down in Comfort Achieve the best slimming treatment results without even breaking a sweat! Skin Care Service. After looking through my pictures, she started explaining the treatments that could help improve my body condition. We are the market leader in the beauty and grooming retail industry, managing 7 distinguished brands; Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, Dorra Slimming, Shakura Pigmentation Beauty, Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth and Victoria Facelift. All 6 brands same owners, Hey... initially they said "same boss" it's "sister company"...hmmmmm...ever heard of sibling rivalry?? Lately i want and asked to transfer my fil Told them seriously I just want to stick with RM660, not the RM3999 package which they claimed the best package for my fat body. 2019 was a great year for the hot pot business. Does your weight fall within the healthy or obese range? Just like new York skin and shakura. That was what exactly happened to me yesterday! dorra’s French formula was further refined and customised to suit the needs of Asian women. But since you already got the 9 sessions, I hope it works out for you - if not, try to enjoy the sessions? I mean, I could do that myself at home and I've always been doing that at home. Isn't it more logical to have your customer dobthe trial, see the result then you do the sales?? I didn't have to pay $350 to do that here! At this moment, I instantly knew that buying the package was the wrong choice. AND CONDITIONS | PRIVACY POLICY | REFUND I had wanted to try but guess can skip. Nice Beauty Manicure & Pedicure. The people there were nice too. Also, this part was really demoralising for me because each time they wrapped me up, they asked me to stand in front of a mirror and I had to look at myself. I often slept through the process. Either way, I have super low self esteem so I was like, ". So here's the part I dislike the most, because they'll take pictures of your body and start telling you the flaws you have. Some of you may be wondering whether to buy their packages or attend their free trials, and you may have also come across articles from. Dorra Slimming specialises in lower body slimming and uses technologies and technique from France (so proclaimed).Dorra Slimming has been in Singapore since 2011 with their exclusive fat-burning formulations and body-shaping technologies, banishing even the most stubborn of fats within the tummy, hips and thighs regions. Like them, you can achieve this similar amazing slimming result with dorra.Read on to find out how these ladies, as … My consultant mentioned that there are 3 stages of cellulite severity and they only treat those who are at Level 1 and Level 2. My consultant then came in and rubbed some fat burning/ firming "booster" all over my body, before proceeding to. wish me luck for anoher 9 sessions.phewww, Wahhh. Here are some other things she said that made me really stressed. I went back for the second time in 3 months and covered many new places. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with food – we love eating but hate the calories that it brings. So that concluded my first experience with Dorra Slimming at Plaza Singapura! by . you are already sexy + slim.... please donate your $$$ to l can go for the said package...... really..25/11/20. I'm 150cm and 46-47kg. Dorra Tummy, Hip, & Thigh Slimming Erabelle FIL Skin, Body, & Spa Intelligences Flutters Gangnam Laser Clinic Hairdreams - Couture Salon ... London Weight Management Beauty Enthusiast is good to manage your weight since you will more benefits with it. I almost caved in and read your reviews in the spot before i made payment!!! POLICY | SITE BY TNG, ★★★★★ 2018 Awarded Superbrands Malaysia’s Choice, ★★★★★ 2018 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award, ★★★★★ 2018 No.1 Consumer’s Choice in Lower Body Slimming Solution, ★★★★★ 2018 No.1 Lower Body Slimming Expert in Malaysia, ★★★★★ 2018 Most Trusted Lower Body Slimming Brand, ★★★★★ 2018 Excellent Service voted by customers, ★★★★★ 2018 Most Effective Lower Body Slimming Brand. She even said this 'RM660 is very cheap and you can pay by installment. " I definitely gonna loose weight from exercise and eat healthy but with dora i just want to get support to boost my weight lose journey. Signup for your first trial at dorra for ONLY RM30 (worth RM484)! Founded by French experts, dorra is synonymous with state-of-the-art lower body slimming solutions. Yun nam and another hair place(i forgot the name). This post is a personal review of my recent experience with London Weight Management, and how they tried to sell me a $4000+ slimming package. She mentioned that Dorra didn't really focus on weight, and actually specialised in body contouring and sculpting. For weight lost, no need to join this programme xD It's better to save ur money to buy fruits/organic food and do exercise!! ... You can choose from a selection of nine London Weight Management Singapore outlets, including one location within Tampines One mall (10 Tampines Central 1). As the market leader in the grooming industry, managing 7 distinguished brands; Yun Nam Hair Care, London Weight Management, New York Skin Solutions, Dorra Slimming, Shakura Pigmentation Beauty, Jonsson Protein Healthy Hair Growth and Victoria Face lift, with an annual sales turnover above RM 300 million per year. dorra slimming-ioi mall lot es 7, second floor, ioi mall, bandar puchong jaya , puchong. I had my weight measured, and she brought me into the capsule room. Trusted clinics for weight loss management The capsule thing uses infrared light which makes your body feel heat.

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